Yet another SEO link building system?!
Or a brilliant 'twist' that works?
There's only one way to find out...
I was introduced to EzArticleLink by one of my members at Wordpress Goldmine. I initially looked at it then forgot about it. Finally I saw sense and started to use it.

I now regret those few weeks I didn't use it. It make the whole task of article marketing so much easier.

Not only that but my support questions were answered quickly and efficiently. Don't waste time get EZArticle Link NOW!
Mark Thompson

Dear SEO marketers,

Let's cut the bells and whistle and go straight to the point.

We all know that to rank well in the search engines, we need to get lots of backlinks. And the best way to get lots of quality backlinks is through article marketing.

The idea of article marketing is simple, but the actual steps involved can be pretty tedious and costly. Don't believe? Well, here are the steps involved, for an advanced marketer!

Step 1: Prepare an article.

Step 2: Invest in a spinning software to spin the article (to make the article unique).

Step 3: Distribute the spun articles to different websites (usually through a software or via a network).

Step 4: Invest in another software or indexing system to ping and build backlinks to each of the published articles (to increase the chance of the articles from being indexed).

Step 5: Rinse and repeat step 1-4 so that their websites can receive fresh backlinks from time to time.

Honestly, most marketers only do Step 1 and 3. Some do Step 1, 2 and 3. Very few marketers do all the 5 steps.

But for our members, these are the steps involved:

Step 1: Prepare an article.

Step 2: Spin the article.

With our FREE 'first-of-its-kind' spinning system, you can spin an article in 15 minutes. Anyone who has done high quality article spin will know that 15 minutes for an article is FAST! (Note: We are not talking about auto-spin or any spammy spinning methods here.)

Step 3: Submit the article to our system.

That's all.

Our system will publish different versions of the article to our ever-growing article network, ping and build backlinks to those articles and the entire process will just go on and on, so as to build backlinks to your website infinitely!

Sounds too good to be true? Now, let me prove to you.

Proof: More Than 150 Testimonials!!!

This is not a fly-by-night system. From beta testing in 2009 to its initial release in 2010, we have been in operation for nearly 2 years and the system remains effective after Google's Panda update!

Don't just believe in what I say. Read what others say about this service.

For your ease of reference, I've arranged some of the testimonials in categories. A lot more can be found on the sidebar of this page.

(Note: most of these testimonials are received in August 2011, 5 months after Google Panda update.)

Testimonials on the effectiveness of our link building power [+]:

As most internet marketers I am always looking for the best way to get quality back-links to my sites.

I found ezArticleLink when searching some keywords that I wanted to rank for in Google and kept seeing the same guy ranking on page #1 and bot did that frustrate me. So I decided to analyze what he was doing and discovered his secret!

What I ended up realizing was many of his back links were coming from the ezArticleLink network.

I have now been a member for several months and ranking for many keywords that are very competitive!

One of the best parts is that ezArticleLink demands you input quality content into the system which ensures better link juice for all those involved.
Howie Perks
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After using ezarticlelink service for about 3 months on my hubby's website His website position in Google has shot up from 4th page to Google's first page for the keyword he tried to rank for.

Our keyword phrase "__________" without quotes which is a very competitive keyword (with 392 million competition!) is now sitting on Google page 1, number 8th position. What can I say? I was simply blown away after seeing the result.

The second keyword phrase "__________" without quotes which is another competitive keyword phrases (with 19.6 million competition) is sitting on Google page 1 too, number 7th position.

The third keyword "__________" without quotes, another competitive keyword phrase (with 17 million competition), is now sitting on Google page 1, number 5th position. Awesome! Isn't it?

Here is another keyword phrase "__________" without quotes, is on the number 8th position on page 1 of Google against 10.5 million competition."
Carol Oon
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First, I have a confession to make; I joined EzArticleLink when it first opened but I didn't realize its value until recently.

I added a few of my websites and set them up to receive articles, - I only submitted a few articles myself - I also utilized the bonus links I received to obtain back links to two of my sites.

I am happy to report that one of the sites which is in the insurance niche, is ranking number 1 or 2 (No. 1 using Firefox, and No. 2 using Google Chrome, go figure!) for a keyword that has 47,500,000 results in the SERP's.

I did very little else to get these results, and bear in mind that the domain name is hyphenated. Needless to say, after these results I plan to utilize ezArticleLink more and more. Thanks for the great program, and for the insightful emails that I get occasionally from you.
Khalil Arabi
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When they said that you need around 3+ months before you could get out of the Google sandbox they were lying.

Thanks to the link building system of ezArticleLink I was able to easily get out of the sandbox in around 29 days. I tested this using 2 sites that were in the same market, optimized equally and updated at the same times but the difference was one site was using ezArticleLink while the other was not; let's just say that the one not using this service is still in the sandbox until now.

Back then my site was stuck at page 10, then was sent to the sandbox and now when it returned it came to page 8.

In a week I was at page 5 and in another week I was at page 2. And this was all the while I was doing the lighter way of linkbuilding. I could send 10 articles a day to boost my site immediately but I wanted it to look more natural.

I couldn't have asked for a more helpful service and the best part of it all is that their spin system is one that's easy to use. I used to work with auto spinners but this was just way better.
Chris Lim
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I used to think that affiliate marketing is complicated but since I became an subscriber, not anymore.

Now all that I do involves 3 steps - keyword research, article writing (which I don't do myself since I outsource it) and submit articles to for syndication and link building. That's it!

And in a week or two, I'm usually in the first page of google and affiliate commissions start to come in.

Thanks Kenneth for creating ezarticlelink.
Felicitas Tan
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Since I first joined EZ Article link back in the year of 2010, I have many websites that are ranked well on page 1 of Google for various keywords, for example,

Before signing up for EZAL, I have very little traffic to my site. And almost zero or no money earned and I even couldn't cover my hosting and domain name.

After I received an invitation email from Kenneth, I signed up for the gold membership immediately. And now, I have gradually increase my earning online day after day, thanks to the organic traffic that come from Google as a result of EZALink backlink building method that push my websites on top of Google page1.

Also, some of the traffic are coming from the distribution of articles within EZAL.

I feel there is a need to mention about EZAL support too, I always get very helpful and patience reply and help from Kenneth (I don't know how and why he has so much time to reply my question personally)...but it is true..and always guide me to the right direction..

Thanks for the great backlinking methods!
Jack BJS
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I am sam from India. I do internet marketing as a part time job. When I saw about this site, I read it for three times and then got the whole idea about the unique backlinking structure. I quickly paid for the lifetime gold membership as a special membership offer. I am very much pleased with the service so far because many of my sites are ranking high on the search engine for competitive keywords. Even, I submitted only total of 12-15 articles for my websites but the benefits are awesome and surprising. My websites search engine ranking as well as page rank had improved after this service.

Anyone can check my website for the term '___________', it is ranking on the second position in google.
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My first article landed my site, on page 1 of Google! That was just with 200 articles posted. I have been hooked ever since. Bonus feature was my site with the directory also gets more traffic from Google!
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It's incredible how powerful this system is, when I started with ezArticleLink I tested the system with only one article published and a few social bookmarking, and I could reach page one of Google for my main keyword in a competitive niche. Now I'm planning to publish many more articles and I've added this powerful weapon to my backlinking strategies.
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I own and have been using ezArticleLink for several months and absolutely love it. I spin my articles, submit the spun articles to the major ezine article sites then release it to ezArticleLink where they have published to more than 250 other sites. This is a major part of my backlinking program.

It has enabled me to get many google No1 positions and on one of my search terms given me No4 out of 1,444,000,000 results.

Anybody not using this program is passing up an amazing spinning and distribution service.

Thank You ezArticleLink.
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I love EZArticleLink. In fact, I would say it is my favorite linkbuilding service. I consistently get real search engine gains, sometimes from just Bonus Links! Also, because of the size of the network, there is no "law of diminishing returns" with EZAL like you get with some networks - meaning, effective for the first ten or so articles you submit pointing to one site, but less effective afterwards. No, with EZAL, I have sites with HUNDREDS of articles pointing back to them, and each new article I submit is just as effective as the ones that came before it.

Lastly, the ability to buy credits and have articles spun for only three dollars is incredible!!! The uses for this service are endless, and awesome.

EZArticleLink is the best! :D
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Absolute must for anybody who wants to take their website to new heights. Period.

I am from the magical tropical islands of Maldives but I live in Sri Lanka now though.

In these countries, most people haven't embraced the concept of making money online, so its very hard to get local visitors to come online and make your online business a success.

My website is about kids and building their self esteem. I felt I had enough genuine content and innovative ideas on the website for it to become a hit. Boy! was I wrong.

No matter how innovative your ideas are, unless you can put it across to people, they wont know about it. And without much visitors, how would people know about it ?

I came across ezArticleLink by accident. But that is about the best accident I have had in my entire life.

Google now does automatic suggestions for some of my brand names. My website pages are ranking high and showing up on almost all related search terms.

I can't thank you guys enough cos my website keeps getting more and more visitors and at last my work is starting to get the reception that I hoped it would.
Nazmi Jaleel
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I became an ezArticleLink gold member a few months ago and have been using it fairly regularly for many of my sites. Several of the keywords from my site have been steadily moving up the serps and this is a direct result from using those keywords as anchor text in links in articles that I submitted to ezarticlelink. Without any other SEO employed whatsoever, exarticlelink has helped me to rank most of those keywords into the first page of googles search pages.

ezArticleLink also has a great support system with quick and thorough responses. I have used the support several times and every time I have had immediate replies that have either solved my question straight away or else they have continued to communicate with me until I was happy.

Another great feature of ezArticleLink is their in-house spinning service. I have used that many times also and can say I have found it excellent. The turnaround time is really fast, usually within a day or two and the article is then ready to submit. This service is very efficient and saves a heap of time.

Overall ezArticleLink is a great article marketing service that will save you a ton of time and considerably help your SEO efforts in getting those pages to move up the SERPs.

The best thing about this service is that once you have a few articles out there, your backlinks just keep on growing all the time. The monthly fee remains the same, but each month you are getting more value! it soon adds up till the point that ezArticleLink becomes an insanely beneficial part your SEO arsenal. I couldn't do without it now.
Sammy JayJay
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ezArticleLink helped my site __________ rank on the first page of Google for the term "money ideas".

Man many thanks guys.
Clyde Dexter
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Prior to purchasing the ezArticleLink gold membership, my website,, had nada, zilch, zero backlinks. Now, I am about to show you the power of the ezArticleLink tool.

I joined on the evening of 11/15/09, again, with zero backlinks. I written only 7 articles between 11/19/09 and 01/27/10, which link to four of my website's pages.

As of 02/10/10, my website has accumulated approximately 800 organic and natural backlinks and about 250 within the last month. My Alexa 3 month traffic page ranking has changed by (574,000), which means by site is becoming more popular.

I am very impressed with the results and could not be happier. I am glad I went with my gut and purchased ezArticleLink. It is just awesome!
Donna Scheenloop
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Testimonials from savvy marketers with experience in other link building systems [+]:

It's not often I take the time to sit down and write out a testimonial, but I couldn't help but let you know how pleased I am with ezArticleLink.

This link building service stands head and shoulders above its competitors for the simple fact that I was able to use ezArticleLink easily right from the start, and your clear instructions helped me every step of the way.

I remember my site was pushed from nowhere to the top of SERP from just one article I've submitted to your site and my page rank went up 2 times in just a few months.

You've truly got a winner on your hands!
Eric Tan
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ezArticleLink was such a fantastic find. I have been active online for over 5 years and nothing has yielded search engine results like this system. I have been able to increase personal revenues and that of my clients by leveraging this tool. I want to thank Kenneth and the entire staff for putting together such a wonderful product.
Eric Green
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The ezArticleLink system is BY FAR the best linking network I've joined to date. In terms of value and effectiveness, ezArticleLink is the best way to go. I've been a member of many other blog networks, article syndication networks, homepage backlinks networks, etc, and ezArticleLink has outperformed ALL OF THEM in one way or another. Sometimes, this system has been the push I needed to achieve number one rankings, and other times, this has been THE ONLY THING I NEED FOR NUMBER 1 RANKINGS! Above all, for $29/month, NOTHING BEATS ezArticleLink.
William Torneau (Clickbumped)
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EzArticleLink is one of the best traffic getting resource i have seen on the internet. Hi, my name is ralf dooley and I have been online over 6 years. While building my niche sites online, I always look out for quality traffic resources on the internet. EzArticleLink helped me to get 3 brand new niche sites to the top for one or more keywords. I would think that says it all. Highly recommend to give EzArticleLink a chance and you won't be disapointed. Have a great Day.
Ralf Dooley
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At one time or another I have belonged to or participated in more than 2 dozen different article-writing promotional schemes, networks, etc. I stick with ezArticleLink because it is the best, the most effective and the most cost-effective that I have found anywhere.

It gets great backlink results. The page counts added by its on-users-site article directories increase the prestige and authority of my websites. The quality of its articles is top-notch.

Based on personal experience and numerous comparisons, I highly recommend it.
Jorge Chavez
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I love EZArticleLink. I have used several different blog networks and this one is by far the best. Not only is it the least expensive, it gives the most bang for the buck. Many articles that I submitted nearly a year ago are still producing fresh back links that are keeping me on the first page of Google. While it may be a little more work to submit an article, the benefits gained once the article is submitted are open-ended.
Bob Bro
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This services is the VERY best article service we have ever tried to date.

We have pretty much tried them all from software to other services, but this really works for us. The ability to have the writers have their own accounts and upload content directly, in house spinning at a good price is just what we needed. The entire platform just suits a professional busy marketer, or firm working with multiple clients.
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I've been meaning to write this for quite a while and have finally gotten around to it. I have been a webmaster since 2004 and I'm amazed at the power of EzyArticleLink as an SEO tool. I have tried various methods to generate website traffic and improve SE positioning over the years, but EzyArticleLink has raised even the internal pages of my sites up the rankings, in many cases to page 1 and even #1 for some popular keywords. If that's not enough, Kenneth's service to his customers is timely and courteous. All in all great value for money.
Wendy Owen
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Testimonials on our proprietary spinning system [+]:

I joined ezarticleLink when Kenneth first launched it and it was the best article spinner and distribution service I had found.

Since then Kenneth has added new features like the assisted spinner which makes my articles more unique in less time and my life even easier. Both my sites and those of my clients have benefited from ezArticleLink.

I recommend ezArticleLink to all my readers and also to those seeking link swaps on all my sites. If you want unique articles, a distribution service and more backlinks you should definitely make ezArticleLink part of your marketing arsenal.

Thanks for all your hard work Kenneth.
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Since I have been using ezArticleLink for some time I have decided to write honest review about their service.

What I like the most is their spin tool. Using it I'm able to make top quality spins that are excepted everywhere I post my spin articles. Additionally, I spend much less time spinning articles, about twice as fast like with other tools.

Other nice thing are back links. After just few days you will see that Google and Yahoo are indexing your spin articles boosting your SERPs bringing traffic to your site. In combination with one more system I'm able to bump my website pages on 1st page on Google in just a few days.

Last and not the least thing, it is totally free! Thank you ezArticleLink for great service, great free tool and fast support!
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The quality of the ezarticlelink spinning software is unparalleled. It is easy to use, very intuitive, and makes the process of creating high quality unique articles almost effortless.

I have enjoyed this service as a free member and would encourage all who are serious about their internet marketing business to upgrade as soon as possible to take full advantage of this excellent service.
Gillian Grannum
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I honestly couldn't imagine running my business without The backlinks I get for my websites and for my clients' websites are a big reason I'm successful - and remain successful after all of Google's changes. Kenneth always acts quickly approving new domains and articles - and the spinning software he uses is truly unique and is one of the greatest benefits of being a member here at
Dan Morton
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ezArticleLink has one of the best article spinning tools that I've seen. I do a lot of article writhing.

I've just started with this system but if the quality of the site is anything to go by, I should soon see a lot of traffic to my sites.

I'm looking forward to watching the traffic build.
Ray Whittaker
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This is a great service. The spinning system is top-notch, I use it as a primary tool for spinning my articles for and I also appreciate human moderation of all submitted articles - that means my own articles will be put in a good neighborhood of quality content.
Paul Hopkins
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I use EzArticlelink for all my spinning. I would rather spend one hour spinning the article for hundreds of relevant backlinks than spending the same amount of time submitting to social bookmarking sites.

The assisted spinning with a very good thesaurus helps me to spin my article quickly. Together with the human review to make sure the article is well spun, it is about the best spinning software around.
Sam A.
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Testimonials from those who joined FREE [+]:

I signed up as a free member with ezArticleLink after reading about it on a forum. I submitted an article pointing to a site that for years had received around 50 visitors a day, and basically then forgot all about it.

Around six weeks later, I noticed the site's traffic was increasing, which surprised me as I never did any promotion for it. This continued and it was only after a few weeks that I remembered I had signed up with ezAL, and panicked, because I was not even sure if I remembered the URL of the service.

Luckily, I had bookmarked it and sure enough, found the keywords I had targeted in the article I submitted were the ones my site was now ranking for. I became a paid member and now have around 10 sites climbing steadily.

I recently sold the site I originally promoted...for $7,700. If I had tried to sell it a year ago, I doubt I would have received $1500.
Close [x]
I signed up for the free version of ezArticleLink and within a week, our site jumped up several places in the rankings. Now, a few months later, we are among the top 5 websites for our keyword on Google. Our traffic is growing significantly and we couldn't be happier! Thank you for this great service!
Maria Birch
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I've been using EzArticleLink for around a month now as a free user. I'm an incredibly happy customer and will certainly be upgrading in the near future when my portfolio requires it!

Articles are always approved in around 12 hours for me with the Distribution of my article is fantastic, normally receiving around 200 published articles for my time. For those worried about indexation of your articles, I am personally seeing a 70% indexation rate (minimum). I think this is down to the networks interlinking system.

In terms of results I had a keyword that had been stuck at number 3 under Amazon for about a month. I submitted one article and after about a week those 200 articles pushed me up to number one (IP Diversity ftw!).

Great service, answer tickets quickly, articles approved super quickly. Couldn't be happier.
Adam Foster
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Testimonials from those who were initially skeptical [+]:

I started to use services about a year ago. At first, I was a little bit skeptical because I have used similar services before but failed to deliver the promised results.

Ever since I started to use this service, I saw that my websites jumped in ranks and saw increase of traffic. Because I use the free option, I had to submit a few websites in order to benefit from some other functions.

Other people post to my sites making my sites to get fresh contents daily.

Furthermore, I liked the ideal that all articles are manually checked before publishing which filters out junk contents.

I get over 100 unique visitors every day in a relatively competitive niche as compared to just 10 before I started these services.
Reuben Oyeyele
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I have been a member of ezArticlelink since very early days.

This is not to say, however, I used it effectively in the 'early days'.

Rather, I was very uncertain as to the exact purpose and function of the site. I had rapidly seized upon the chance of a lifetime membership based largely upon the reputation of Kenneth.

It has since turned out to be perfectly justified faith on my part.

Not only has the functionality of this system allowed me to gain improved rankings for several domains with minimal effort on my part, but it steadily evolves and improves.

While I still underutilise this highly effective resource, I would not be without it!

Seriously consider adding it to your 'Marketing Arsenal'.

I feel confident that you will glad you did.
Peter Watson
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I was skeptical at first but ezArticleLink makes it easy to try the system to prove it to yourself.

I definitely experienced an across the board increase on all my sites rankings in google search with my focused keyword sites making it to page one for some quite competitive markets.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see the actual article directories on my sites increase in PR and pass that PR to my home page.
David Maroul
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I was a major skeptic at first, so I first tried ezArticleLink’s Silver membership; I was even with another article submission linking service at that time. But later on when I saw my SEO reports I couldn’t believe my eyes, the number of backlinks and referring domains had significantly increased.

I delved deeper and analyzed all the top and bottom URLs in my reports and saw they were all due to ezArticleLink, none were from the other service. It was a no brainer, I immediately upgraded to a Gold membership. All of my websites have started ranking higher; the bonus links are like gold. The customer service is great; I highly recommend the service.
Pamela Dayes
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I've tested this service with 10 of my domains in the "trial period" (30 days guarantee after purchasing the gold member package). Just to see if it is working, if there is any customer service, if there is any decent interface to manage many domains. Etc.

After a week I was sold. This service is great. The domain management interface is great and by request constantly improved with new features. I do manage 181 domains now (and I am still adding new domains about every week).

Kenneth, the guy who operates this system is always willing to listen how to improve or ease things, and helping lighting fast when there is a problem (which do seldom occur by the way).

Many of my domains have earned a respectable search engine position and subsequent amount of visitors. The whole goal of this game, right!

If you really want a great, easy to use system (they even have their own article spinning service) and you do have many many domains you want to target in the search engines, then this system is most definite a right choice to make, when you don have many domains you want to target in the search engines.
Anneke Laura
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When I first heard about ezarticlelink I was actually very skeptical so I went and checked it out. Lucky for me you could register for a free account.

So my plan was that I would use up the 30 articles allowed for a free account and if I saw an improvement I would subscribe to their service which was a cheap $29 per month.

After just 12 articles my site went from being sandboxed and jumped to page 6! So then and there I instantly decided to subscribe. I didn't even have to use up the free 30 articles and already I was seeing great results.

And of course my site would face problems. The first problem was that my site got attacked twice. The first attack nearly deleted my whole site while the second attack successfully deleted the whole site!

For both occasions the staff was easily able to fix the article directory and not only that but the loss in rank that my site faced after both attacks were brought back!

If you were to submit a support ticket to them there will always be a notice that says that it will submit a reply after 24 hours, in my experience it's more like 10-12 hours.

If you're looking for a cheap yet very effective service this is definitely the one that you're looking for.

My main page was at page 6 for a very, very, very competitive keyword and it's slowly climbing while I submit more articles.

To put things over the edge my other pages would be found in page 1 of the results of their own competitive keyword targets.

I have to admit that I will be using this service as long as my website is up, it's very worth it and very affordable.
Chris Lim
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Testimonial from someone who sees through the REAL SECRET of the system [+]:

In the SEO world, "promote the promoters" is a critical element that often gets overlooked. It makes the links back to your main site more powerful, makes the main site rank more highly, as the links contain more link juice.

EZArticleLink automates the "promote the promoters" process and it is a system that proven to work.

I also love your community-based thesaurus rewrite system. This incredibly powerful feature alone can cost you $77 or something like that!

I can't believe that you even offer the whole system for free!

I recommend every SEO marketer to pick up this system.
Henry Zeng
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How Does The System Work?

I hope you are convinced that this system works. But HOW does it work and WHY does it work? Read on to find out....

The system is made up of two components:

1) Article Syndication And Auto-Link Building System

2) Article Spinning And Publishing System

Components #1 - Article Syndication And Auto-Link Building System

To begin, you'll first create a new directory in your existing domain and upload ONE file to the directory.
Next, magic will happen.

That ONE file will turn your new directory into a full-fledged article directory!

For example, if your website is Just create a sub-directory, say The system will convert into an SEO-optimized article directory like or

If you are concerned about the quality of this article directory, read this feedback:

While the linkbuilding power of EZ Article Links is undisputable, and that is what most people use the service for, what really amazed me was that the article directories that EZA created on our sites were getting organic traffic and some articles in the directory are even ranking in the top 10 of Google for long tail keywords. I don't know how EZA does it but it's just unbelievable!

The quality of articles are better than the other popular article networks out there. EZA's very strict standards on article quality and uniqueness is one of its strength.
Gerry Lacuarta

This article directory is independent of your core website or business.

It is capable of driving search engine traffic all by itself. You can ignore it once it's set up. But if I were you, I'll monetize this article directory through Clicksor, Adbrite, etc.

This is not a crappy article directory. This article directory comes with some advanced features that you can't even find in some expensive article directory scripts:

Auto article syndication

We'll gradually publish unique articles in this article directory.

Auto ONE-WAY backlink builder

We'll build ONE-WAY backlinks to the articles in this article directory!

I know this sounds too-good-to-be-true, but it's true. You don't have to do anything to promote this article directory. We will do the job!!

We even build backlinks to your homepage, hence boosting the value of your main site.


The fact that article syndication is valuable for SEO is not something new! But simply adding my domain into the EZarticlelink system would have such an effect was not expected at all! A completey new domain went directly to the top for my main keyword without even syndicating an article into the system! Just adding the article directory was enough in this case! THANKS!
Joseph Crawallo

Auto dead link checker

Dead links can hurt your search engine ranking! We'll routinely check and remove dead links from your article directory. If you notice, this is something is busy doing nowadays. But we have it built-in in your article directory!

Auto linking to related articles

This is another killer SEO feature. The system will automatically link to other related articles. This is important in SEO.

Full customization option

You have full control over the look and feel of this article directory. If you are good at html, you can even make it look like another Wordpress blog. Technically, it means there is zero footprint and every article directory is unique.

The backlinks to this article directory will keep growing and growing automatically, without you doing anything! Eventually, our aim is to turn it into an authority site that the search engines trust!

Excited about what this article directory can do for you?

Well, that's just the first component. Wait till you see the second component......

Components #2 - Article Spinning And Publishing System

In component #2, you can submit unlimited articles with a link to any webpage on your website and build unlimited backlinks.

Every article will have to be spun manually. But our built-in article spinning system makes the daunting task of spinning fun and easy. Here are some feedbacks from our members:

You've made spinning system to the extent of user friendliness and usability while making sure no compromise on article quality.

Every spun article will be published in hundreds of other nonreciprocal websites in the system. Each published article will have one backlink to your website. This means you can build hundreds of one-way backlinks from different websites with just ONE article.

But that's not the end. If you are a gold member, the system will publish your article infinitely. This is to make sure that your website has continuous growth of backlinks, which is important in SEO.

By submitting articles to the system, you'll receive traffic in 2 ways:

  1. Every article is building hundreds of backlinks to your website. More backlinks means better search engine ranking, which means more search engine traffic.

  2. The article is published on real websites with real readers (our entire article network receives more than 1 Million traffic a day!). If your article is interesting, the readers will follow the link to your website.

The following features make sure that the backlinks that you build by publishing your articles in our system are of the highest quality:

One-way backlinks

Our advanced link building algorithm ensures that your articles are published on non-reciprocal websites. This means all the backlinks are non-reciprocal one-way backlinks.

(Note: This is NOT a reciprocal or 3-way linking system. Our linking algorithm strives to mimic natural linking in the real world.)

'Content-based' backlinks

Some gurus say that Google discounts links from conventional article directories where the backlinks are located in the resource box. It is true? I'm not sure, and I don't care!

With ezArticleLink, you can position your links anywhere in the article. This not only makes your backlinks look natural but also increases the value of the links.

Diversified anchor texts

Search engines will frown if all your backlinks are from the same anchor text.

Our system not only allows you to diversify your anchor texts, but also automatically diversifies 20% of your anchor text to make the entire link building process more natural.

Slow and randomized link building process

Your article will be published randomly over a period of time, 5 to 15 posts a day to be exact (you can change the speed if you want). This is to make the link building process natural.

If you are a Gold member, these articles will be published infinitely. If you are a free Silver member, these articles will be published to 100-200 sites.

Dual link-building system

Now, this is the most powerful part of the system and so far NO ONE can duplicate.

With our proprietary dual link-building system, we not only publish your article and build you backlinks, but also build backlinks to the webpages where your article is published!

If you understand link building, you'll know that this is the best kind of backlink you would want to build. Here's an illustration of how it works:

Possible FAQs You May Have......

Is deep linking allowed?


How do I know if my articles are really published in high quality sites?

The best way is after 1-2 months, do a search in Google for some words in your article. It is NOT uncommon to realize that your article has DOMINATED Google's search results, like the screenshot below! (Google won't be bothered to rank so many versions of your articles on its first page if it thinks they are on junk sites.)

Must I add an article directory to every domain?

No. Some of your domains can be for posting articles only. We call them Postonly domains. The ratio is 1:1.

For example, if you have 10 domains, you can set up 5 with article directory and 5 without article directory, i.e. for posting articles only.

In addition, if you're a Gold member, you will earn 100 Bonuslink Credits for every article that you submit to the system. You can use these credits to get backlink to any urls, including those that you do not add to the system. (NOTE: Do not underestimate the potential of these credits. If you submit 100 articles, you'll accumulate 10,000 credits, i.e. 10,000 backlinks to any url you like.)

Read this testimonial on the power of our bonuslink:

I am guilty of chasing shiny objects on occasion. Sometimes I have been known to buy into a program or tool and then get distracted and all but forget about it. I confess that's just what happened to me with ezArticleLink. I submitted some articles and had some bonus points which I pointed to one of my niche blogs. Got distracted and only some time later tried to figure out why my one blog was getting so much more traffic than others that I spent more time on. I actually had to do some detective work before I realized that the bonus backlinks I had directed to it through ezArticleLink was making the difference. Since then I have been far more aggressive in adding articles and using the power of ezArticleLink to drive backlinks to my money sites.
Earl Netwal

Do I need to know HTML or any technical knowledge to participate?

Yes, a little. You need to customize the look of your article directory and need to know how to create a new folder and upload files to your server.

Must my website be a blog?

No. It can be any website. The article directory is independent from your core website.

Does it work on Wordpress blog?

Yes. As I said, the article directory is independent from your core website, including your WP blog.

Can I build links to any website?

No. Only family friendly websites. No casino, gambling, porn, drug, etc. Articles submitted must also be family friendly. If you are trying to optimize for keywords such as Viagra, casino, adult movie, etc, this system is NOT for you.

Can I create more than 1 account?

Strictly no. Each person can only have 1 account.

How To Join This System?

You can join the system as a Gold member or Silver member.

Gold membership is paid, Silver membership is free. But there are differences, of course.

Here're the differences between Silver and Gold membership:

  Silver Members Gold Members
Maximum Domains 50 Unlimited
Maximum Articles Per Domain 30 Unlimited
Distribution Per Article 100 - 200.

Once an article reaches its posting limit, posting will stop forever.


Initial target is 300. Thereafter, posting will continue infinitely at a slower pace of 0-5 post per day. (This means continuous growth of backlinks to your websites even if you stop posting new articles.)

Postonly Domain 50% (As explained above) 50% (As explained above)

But if you have more than 20 domains with article directory, you will be exempted from the 50% ratio. By then you'll be able to add unlimited Postonly Domains to the system.

Can Build Links For Social Sites such as Blogspot and Squidoo? Yes, as a Postonly domain. Yes, as a Postonly domain.
Bonus Backlink Credits
- These are credits you can use to build more backlinks without having to submit articles to the system! Each credit is 1 backlink.
No. 100 Bonus Backlink Credits for every article submitted to the system.

You can use the credit to create more backlinks to ANY website you like, including those you do not add to the system.

Here's what our member says about these bonuslinks:
Every time I write an article, I don't just get an assured couple of hundred links associated with it, I get 100 1-way backlinks "bonus" that I can point to *wherever* I want, *whenever* I want.... I don't know anywhere else I can get that capability. It gives me access to instant links, "banked" for just when I need them.
S. Jackson
Free Spin Credits None 5 complementary spin credits
Only if you join as a Gold Member now, not available if you upgrade later.

You can use these credits to outsource articles to our in-house staff, who will spin the articles for you.

Subscription Fee Free $49/month
See today's offer below!

Special Offer For Today

If you've read our members testimonials, you'll realize that we have members joining us at different packages. Some joined as a lifetime Gold member; some joined at $29/mth. But they are history.

Our Gold subscription is now $34/mth, and it WILL increase again.

You may ask, "Why will the price increase?"

You see, the network is expanding everyday (now with more than 4000 article directories). It is only fair that we give a discount to early takers, when the network is smaller, and then increase the price as the network grows.

Our Refund Policy
Gold subscription comes with 30-days money back guarantee. If you regret for whatever reason, just contact us within 30 days and you'll get full refund AND... you can keep the complementary spin credits to get 5 articles spun by us at our cost!

Honestly, you have nothing to lose if you join as a Gold member now.

Either option you choose, I assure you that your SEO link building journey will never be the same again!

I can honestly say that no other backlink building service I've ever tried comes anywhere near to the ezArticlelink network. Although initially I was skeptical to join, in the end the only thing I regretted is that I didn't join earlier, not to mention the fast and helpful customer service, which I was really impressed with.
Andrea Khan

See you inside!


Being subscribe ezArticleLink, it really provide me peace of mind knowing that I've fulfilled my responsibility to provide unlimited backlinks to my sites automatically and diligently. This is the surest way to get backlinks, 1st ranks and get more money from it. This is the only thing that i need in my online marketing world. Many thanks to EZAL theme being provide a very thumb up services.
EZ ArticleLink represents a great way to build backlinks to your website. It's simple to install and works very well, creating backlinks from a good many sites.
I always thought you get what you pay for. But here, at $29 per month, I've seen my keywords get to page 1 on Google just by entering articles to the system.
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There is no other service comes anywhere near to giving us what they provide.

I wish them every success.

I now have 472 Yahoo links with a Page Rank of two.
Ralph Morton
My web pages hit the first page of Google for the first time! And I have dominated the no.1 to No.9 spots in the first page.

It is really amazing for I have never able to get my web pages to rank within the first page of the search engines within 3 weeks of posting my web pages and articles.

I have submitted 6 articles using the ezArticleLink in Dec 2009 and within 3 weeks I have so many amazing search engine result pages that are listed within page 1 to page 5 of Google.
Wong Tooi Giap
Kenneth Koh has once again come up with an effective marketing strategy to increase your site's exposure. is easy to install and manage. You can backlink as many pages as you want as a gold member, and you will reach a wider audience with quality backlinks to your site. Thanks Kenneth, for another great marketing product!
Antony Malica
I have been using this service for quite some time. It is really easy to get backlinks on relevant sites using this system. Backlinks that are high quality are hard to come by by allows me to get the results that I want! Thanks guys!
Jessica Lauren Vine
If you are a serious online marketer and you are looking to get on the front page of Google for virtually any keyword or phrase, EZ Article Link is absolutely MANDATORY.

I can confidently tell you after testing this product for four straight months that this is my secret weapon for organic search engine results.

I would highly recommend this program to the novice person that its just getting started online as well as the sophisticated SEO experts that really know their stuff.

Plus these guys have the best customer support of any products I have ever used. Two thumbs up!
Darren Little
This is an ingenious system that keeps working on autopilot building links to my websites.

It offers a far more time-effective way of getting links than ordinary article marketing and is a fantastic tool for a relative newbie like me. It was very easy to get started with all the help that was offered. Whenever I had a query, it was answered quickly and my question resolved.

My traffic is growing faster since using this system and I am so glad that I got in during the beta phase. Thanks so much Kenneth!
Since I joined the ezarticlelink, my web site traffic increased by almost 50%. It is something that I did not expect and I am very pleased. This is one great article directory ...
I have been using ezArticleLink for over a year now and it's one of the best investments I ever made in automated tools.

The software has been quietly building backlinks for my complimentary therapy websites, multiplying the benefit from the initial articles I submitted. And I have to say that the integral article spinning service is fantastic.

As fairly non-technical user, I have sometimes needed help. Kenneth has resolved my challenges quickly and thoroughly.

I highly recommend ezArticleLink to you.
Joy Healey
This is by far THE Best Site I have joined, being a webmaster with 10 websites. A month after joining my sites ranked on google page 1, some on page 1 and 2.

Listen to this: my website consists of 162 pages, but when scanned by, it indexed link depth 7 and total of 2048 pages, in its sitemap.xml.

Very Deep linking. No one can beat ezArticlelink super neat performance. Period!
I was one of the very fortunate individuals that had access "behind the scenes" to use this SEO traffic generation method. This is a great low cost SEO system that's effective for experience marketers and newbies. Once your site finally get some search engine ranking, it'll just be icing on the SEO cake. This method, hands down will be apart of my other short and long term traffic generation strategies. This is so easy, I just created my first article campaign during halftime of the Bengals/Jets football game. It cannot get any easier than this. Add this method to your other methods and you cannot lose. First page is no longer a dream, it's a "SERPS tsunami"
Simon Bell
Excellent Customer Service.

I have been with Kenneth's program for over a year and have asked him many questions over that time. I have always had an instant and helpful reply, nearly always on the same day.

What makes this even more surprising is that I live in Australia and often have to wait days for replies from "help" desks.

Kenneth has always gone out of his way for his customers.
Wendy Owen
EZArticlelink is the cornerstone of my business. It consistently delivers results without having to spend hours building links.

I seriously use this service everyday, and don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Get in before Kenneth sees what a powerful system he has and raises the price!
I haven't been able to find any service more effective than I am impressed every time I submit. If you fail to utilize this service, your truly missing the boat! Every site I have benefits.
In terms of link building and article syndication, this is definitely one of my tools that I use on a regular basis to boost my sites to #1 on Google for many competitive keywords. Just remember to use eArticleLink together with other syndication networks to get the most link diversity and best SEO results.
Mr Ozlat
I have been using ezArticleLink for the past few months and I am impressed by the potential of this program. I have found that I can gradually feed an unlimited supply of backlinks to any one, or a number of my web pages, simply by spinning articles and submitting them to the system.

The ezArticleLink spinner is an incredibly intelligent piece of software that has the ability to spin a word, a sentence, or a complete paragraph. The ezArticleLink spinner also allows me to double spin, or spin a word or phrase within a previously spun group of words.

The ezArticleLink spinner incorporates a comprehensive thesaurus that opens in a popup window above the article being edited, making it quite easy to choose a selection of words that fit into the context of the article. My choice of synonyms can then be seamlessly inserted into the article with the click of a button.

An integrated preview widow lets me view the spun article at any time, and includes details of the number of words spun, together with the average number of spun variations. This is just another one of the many features of the spinner.

The ezArticleLink Program is a complete link building system that has many unique features, yet is extremely user friendly. This program is a must have, for every serious article marketer.
LA Hunter
I have found ezArticleLink the most innovative link building software I have ever come across. It goes way beyond any ordinary Article Directory in an intelligently woven system that builds traffic to your website faster than you have ever thought possible.

Bravo Kenneth Koh. You are never short of Internet Marketing ideas.
Festus Muga
Just wanted to let you know that Ezarticlelink has made my article marketing and backlinks SEO work very easy. This site is clean, easy to navigate, has lot of features and most importantly I am getting good amount of Traffic Daily from the articles I am submitting. Have already recommended Ezarticlelink to many folks as this is the most "effective SEO Link Building System" I have ever used.
Niranjan Ranade
As one of the beta testers of ezArticleLink, I was first a bit sceptical due to the fact that this service had no testimonials whatsoever.

How this will work out?

I was therefore very pleased that this turned out to be a great service with a awesome support. I'm very happy to be one of the first to use this.

Support even helped me to setup my directory and since the Articles are dripped my traffic increased roughly 40%.

You should seriously consider to include ezArticleLink into your back-link strategy as a quality back-link source.
Guido M.
Hi Ken, I am loving the concept of EZArticleLink so far. It's a great way to gets hands-free backlinks.

Of course... with just a little effort you can get a whole lot more bang for the buck here which is great.

This is a great value and an absolute STEAL, especially the lifetime Gold membership level!

Thanks for offering this.
Kudos to Kenneth! We, as online marketers, are in need of consistent traffic to our sites. Backlinks are imperative to generate this traffic flow. ezArticleLink has provided all of us with a terrific and cost effective solution that works! I'm a member for life and I recommend any serious marketer join immediately.
Steve Hawk
We am very happy to use the services of ezAtricleLink in accordance with their guidance notes and procedures.

Follow exactly the easy article publishing steps and your site will be promoted accordingly.

Unlink many article sites, members host smaller directories which are not content offensive to the principles of Google. The post Panda update has not damaged this system and in fact has driven more traffic into the system.

Through this ezArticleLink system you gain solid back links which retain a low profile over many sites and yet achieve high linking and ranking results.

We maintain over 70 sites and growing on this system.

The major advantage with this web site promotional system is that you do not have high overheads of time to implement it.

Highly recommended for any website owner or web site developer/marketeer.
Anton Hinxman
This is the greatest thing I encountered online since I started building my online business a few years ago.

This is definitely the "greatest thing since sliced bread".

I was able to rank on the 1st position on Google for a certain keyword I targeted in one week.

If anyone knows the value of search engine optimization then here it comes your way on a "silver platter".

The system is so easy that it's just best called a push-the-button damn little trick.

Thanks Kenneth.
Kevin Njoroge
Link-building system is one of the greatest to make a site popular. That is why I use ezArticleLink almost every day. By this my site is popular then ever.
A great site which helps in increasing visitor to your site manifold times. I am very pleased to see good links for my site
iMedia Disha
For several years Kenneth Koh has stayed in touch ... His blog articles are Timely and Appropriate ... His Offerings have always been of the Highest Quality ...

His newest present to the Internet Marketing community,, is of the same High Caliber as everything he does ...

Whether it is his link building service, spinning system or even customer service, everything is more than you would expect ...

Thanks Ken, it has been good for me that you stay in touch!
Ken Ostrye
This Link Building & Article Syndication system has been the most effective tool that I have used to grow my business. My business has a lot of different aspects and information involved and ezArticleLInk makes them all accesses which put my business on the map. When it comes to my free ezines, newsletters, blogs or training videos, my traffic has now increased incredibly thanks to ezArticleLink. If your looking for an easy and effective article linking system where you will get results fast and easy you found the right place!
Adrian Grays
For anyone looking to secure quality traffic through article marketing and backlinks, then EzArticleLink promises to automatically get backlinks to the articles published on your article directory. Once you set up your article directory, EzArticleLink will send some backlinks to the articles posted on your site for you.

Give it a try and you won't look back.
Barry Roche
I like the updates ezArticleLink gives me. It truly keeps me in the know and the now.
I have found this site to be an excellent for posting my articles, I have also found it to be excellent as a source of information for many subjects in which I have an interest.

As the site continues to grow, so does the body of information grow, thus it is becoming an ever increasing source of excellent content.
Dave MacKay
This is good system, since I join this article link, my site visitor's increased steadily every month, thanks.
Andi Chen
I thought I would send you this email today as a thank you for letting me use your system which has saved me so much time in my link building efforts that I can concentrate more on other sides of my business and i love the way you have set the system up because I've been testing it over the past few months and have noticed that my links are building at a nice pace rather than a ton of my links appearing all over the net at once.
Albert F A matthews
ezArticleLink has been such a great help in building backlinks for all my sites that I deem it one of the most important business tools for any webmasters who want to create success for their business online.

The included functionalities are so versatile that just alone can take care of all that is needed to create success for any business online.

I'd strongly suggest to any online marketers who want to have access to some really down to earth tools that will facilitate success in business.

Many thanks to Kenneth and his team for having created this mighty facility for us.
Dr. John Chen
ezArticleLink has made it possible to reach the front page of Google for nearly every keyword I've been working to optimize for, in the short time I've been using it. This system is a must have for anyone who is serious about search engine traffic. This takes article marketing to a whole new and MUCH more efficient level. One of the best resources I've used in 14 years of marketing online.
Rex Harris
The Best method of article marketing on web. Milestones achieved with the help of this method. I Find myself in the list of PR is astonishing. Since i tried hard, finally got a ladder to success.

Ezarticle helps me to boost my confident in the arena of internet marketing, a achieved my few steps like PR! and hope 100% this system will help me rise to PR3 - PR4.
Shuaib Ahmed
Just when I thought customer service was dead here comes the folks at EZarticles and prove me wrong. Your concerns are taken seriously and dealt with in a timely fashion. Keep up the good work and I'll be with y'all for years.
Reesa Mckenzie
I like the innovative Idea behind ezArticlesLink.

This system gives you all in hand to build massive amounts of quality backlinks to your website, with just a fraction of the time it would take to use article marketing or other link building resources.

A very nice part of ezArticleLink is the advanced spinning tool, this makes spinning your articles more than simple!
Benjamin Hübner
I just wanted to thank you for the help you gave me to promote my website. I am dealing with article marketing from some time, I am publishing and in EzineArticles, Buzzle and the main article directories, but the exposure is bigger with your system. I am quite close to 1500 visitors daily by now.
Ion Andrei
I have been very impressed with the results of ezArticleLink in the short time this service has been available I have seen the visitors and back links to a number of my websites grow dramatically.

Kenneth Koh has produced a system that is user friendly and highly effective. This is a professional tool that marketers should to add to their arsenal without hesitation.
Beth Kirwan
EZ Article had everything I wanted in a SEO Link Building System. All of the features sounded great and the benefits were too good to ignore. I joined it hoping that it could do even half of what it claimed to. Well to my surprise (and delight), EZ Article completely over-delivered! EZ Article is everything it says and so much more! You'll never know until you try it for yourself!
I've been a member of ezArticleLink for less than 2 months and I'm impressed with how the program is developing.

In just a short time my article directory is progressively building up links to the article networks in which my articles are posted, which means that as these site grow in authority, so will the link juice sent back to my site. I can see that this system has awesome long term potential.
Bob Gill
The thing that I like most about Ezine articles is that I can put anything I want up there. So I get to practice over and over again writing a certain type of article, and post those practices on EZA every time and get a backlink.

If you really know how to use ezine articles - it's gold mine.
If it is backlinks you are after then Kenneth is your guy! He has created the easiest and fastest way I have ever found to create them. So far I have over 700 myself (across 3 domains) from using this site and I am very busy so have not used it to it's full potential either. Thanks Kenneth!
Debbie Ducker
I'm a Gold Member with ezArticleLink and I'm so pleased that I found this service. Now my sites have got a brand new life generating an enormous amount of back links to my sites. The traffic I get from this service are right on target and generates a lot of leads and income to the many different programs I promote.

As an online entrepreneur this is what I have searched for in years and I finally found this great service.

I'm truly thankful Kenneth!
Terje Sannarnes
Hey, know what? I am web marketer and bet you too. Otherwise you won't be here, Right? Yes, you are in right place at the right time. ezArticleLink just has added their new service that is sooooo. . . . tough that no other party ever try harder! Funny way of saying? You bet. I am not the English teacher though, I have to write something to win out this tough race of online marketing. They, I mean exArticleLink sure has devised nice tool to win.
Yuichi Yinoway
Any product or service released by Kenneth Koh automatically gets my undivided attention. Why? Kenneth consistently delivers extremely high value, even when he's giving something away at no cost. So, when he sent me the info on ezArticleLink I was really interested in looking it over. When I got inside I was AMAZED. Kenneth really has outdone himself this time. The ezArticleLink system is not only an extremely valuable's VERY easy to use. The training info is great, if you even need it. I say that because the system is so intuitive and user friendly. The latest upgrades have made things even better. But really, the bottom line is this: ezArticleLink WORKS. I'm so glad I got into this early on!
Marcy Coate
I am so glad that I have been invited to test such great service. Now I strongly advice to all: "Just don't wait and share right now! Time, it are money! Do not let miss out your lifetime change!" So helpful and easy backlink builder never have seen before! My domain is growing, your domain will grow too. I am sure, everybody will love it with in first minute.

Thank you Kenneth. Thank you very much.
I was amazed to learn how easy it was to reach #1 Google ranking for a local service business using ezArticleLink.
our website has gone from strength to strength since submitting our articles.

We would higly recommend ezarticlelink to anyone who wishes to build on their SEO efforts.
Just wanted to tell you guys that your service is awesome! Not only can I create unique articles but the quality of each article before they are submitted, is nothing I've seen before. Also I am very impressed with how fast I get backlinks to my websites/blogs. I just love your service, the support and the fact that you don't need a manual to learn your system.

Thanks again for your great service!
I am amazed at this great service! I have had some good success as far as link building is concerned. I have been able to build links consistently for a couple of months now for a low-cost when compared to similar services. I have been able to grow my website to a PR2 in just a few months.
Ryan Smithson
I've been a member of EZAL since May 2010 and I'm a very satisfied customer. If you know how to properly research your keywords, then you can use EZAL alone to achieve top rankings. I also love their spinning service which is very affordable and saves me a lot of time. It can be tricky when you use it the first time but stick at it because it's worth it.
Raymond Selda
To me you are in the Top Two of real knowledge and honest ways to earn a good living online. Thank you Kenneth.

I really appreciate all the things you do. I also enjoy your other products as well. To me you are in the Top Two of real knowledge and honest ways to earn a good living online.

I appreciate your integrity as well.
The Swede
Hi Kenneth I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I love the exArticleLink website .. I have recently launched a new website at and the backlinks that the ezArticleLink have supplied me already have my new site indexed and appearing in the top page of Google search...

Cheers For the great boost.
Tony aka Mission0ps
I have joined a lot of backlink service and I have good knowledge about build backlink. When I know from the imtalk forum then I am not in doubt it is the best way to build quality backlink. Although I am not pretty well in english but I have add all my site into Now I am preparing the good articles in to so they could received.
Wahyu Widodo
EzArticleLink really works. I know because I have seen the results on my site, It's an unpretentious site that I don't update as often as I should, but the pages where I have used EzArticleLink have floated up to the first page of Google, and more importantly, have stayed there, while I've been paying little attention and gone on to other things. I just now checked one of those pages for two keywords - both are on page one, one in second place and the other in fifth place.

In addition, the few times I have had a question or needed help, the response was quick and effective.
Judith Caillier
I would like to say a million Thank you to ezArticleLink. They have provide me the best service for link building. I've built many backlinks to my blog and I am receiving traffics that is out of my expectations which is a great shock to me!

I love ezArticleLink!
Safe and reliable link building system which gives lasting, visible ranking improvement in the shortest time possible, all without breaking the bank! A MUST HAVE in your link building arsenal if you are building your SEO empire!
San Lee
The EZarticlelink service is truly remarkable. I have managed to rank sites for medium competitive keywords using only EZ's article syndication network. May it expand forever so I can get even more authority backlinks over time!
Thomas Baxter is a great tool to syndicate your content to hundreds of websites. The concept is great and by spinning the content you make sure to have always different content spread all over the web. We can certainly recommend this great tool, that we use @aaacbc as well, to all those who are looking to generate back-links to their website.
Beata Piktel
ezArticleLink is a really awesome link building system I ever found.
Mahadir Ahmad
Thanks to EzArticleLink, we have been able to spread the news about our relief efforts in Haiti to hundreds of websites and create a ton of backlinks in the process.

EzArticleLink has been an awesome resource for building links to our site and raising our Page Rankings. If you are an SEO or marketing professional, this tool is a must have in your arsenal...
Jon F.
Simply the BEST Service we've ever used. Thanks for your quick responses and GREAT help.

You are a refreshing breeze in the world of internet chaos.

Thanks again.
Robea Systems Inc
I'll keep this to just 2 points.

ONE - Every time I write an article, I don't just get an assured couple of hundred links associated with it, I get 100 1-way backlinks "bonus" that I can point to *wherever* I want, *whenever* I want. That last bit is incredibly valuable, for a variety of purposes, and I don't know anywhere else I can get that capability. It gives me access to instant links, "banked" for just when I need them.

TWO - rankings for my sites that carry the directories have all been boosted, enough to make a tangible difference to my income, and more than enough to pay for the service.

Any service I pay for has to deliver results, and pay for itself. This does, and more.
S. Jackson
Great way to create backlinks and keyword references, work well for me at
Wonderful service you have here. Both postonly and standard domains have received more traffic and higher PR as a direct result of your service. Thanks ezarticlelink!
Nick B
Your service is the best link building service on the Internet.
Tjk Pay
What an awesome link-building system! I started as a free member, before launch. Now I have 24 websites in the system and am seeing the benefits of not only thousands of back-links, but of increasing page counts and site authority because of my article directories! I love the way this setup is balanced and internally supporting. Other setups I have used either got spammed with crappy postings/articles (from not enough control of these) or soon had sub-par, "throwaway" blogs and participating websites which either did not get spidered or, if they did, gave very weak backlink values.

Not here! Content quality is high and the article directory sites are internally supported to give them more authority and PR. So each part supports the others and it works very well indeed! I strongly recommend ezArticleLink to anyone who seriously wants to build lots of quality links rapidly.

You can read my review and analysis at:
Jorge Chavez
I love how easy it is to write, edit and post my articles. The turn-around is fantastic and the article stats are thorough and easy to access. Everything's designed to make article writing and distribution as easy as can be!
Stan Mrak
ezArticleLink is a fantastic service that always has positive effects on my search engine rankings.

Apart from that, it is comforting to know that Kenneth actually cares about his product and preserves the integrity of the articles submitted through the network.

He has always been friendly and courteous when I have needed assistance and always answered quickly too.

A highly recommended service.
I have just used one article on the ezarticlelink network, and my site has been staying on on the first page of search results consistently.

More importantly, the latest updates by Google to the way they rank their search results have only helped me, by pushing my site two places higher on the first page itself.

I recommend the service to anyone looking for effective link bulding.
Satish Kumar
I must admit that I immediately canceled my long time subscription to an established article distribution service upon knowing about ezArticleLink.

The potential of this system is simply mind blowing and it allows me to syndicate my reviews and articles across a wider network. And this means much more traffic for my website!
San Lee
Whilst being new to Internet marketing, I'm very familiar with the millions of products available that fail to deliver what the glossy sales pages promise.

What I initially found appealing about EZarticlelink was the no nonsense approach to what the product is and of course does, with the very reasonable price I had nothing to lose.

Once on board I found the technical help staff excellent with most questions being answered within hours, as to the results I have taken some fairly competitive search terms and with ease ended up on page 1 of Google (obviously position 1 might need a little extra push).

For the new or experienced marketer I can't recommend this product enough Kenneth and his team are outstanding.
Steve Wright
I am very happy to tell you that my sites that had no page rank have got 1-2 PR's becoz of your service. They are also ranking well for competitive keywords.

Even one of my inner page has got PR of 2 and the main home page jas only PR of 1.

It was great opportunity for me to join your system. Keep this system alive.

I am going to spread this word in forums so that you can get more members and I get more sites to plant my articles.
ezArticlelink has been one of the best investments for my IM Biz.One of the coolest things to see, is when your website starts to climb the search engine rankings because of this community.The whole package is turbo-charged by a caring support system. Thank You so much Kenneth.
Johnny Kowal
I have been using the free version of ezArticleLink for some months now with great success. The price for the paid service in my opinion is definitely worth the money when compared with other link building services. It is something I wll be joining in the future.
I want to pay more for your service! hahaha!

The monthly cost for Ezal is a steal and you've really overdelivered! I'm having tremendous results with my rankings. It's not a get rank quick tool but I'm more than satisfied with it.

Anyway, more power to your business and keep up the awesome work!
Raymond Selda
ezArticleLink syndicated only 19 articles for me and drove my website,, to the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo under a half dozen different keywords.

Their work helps me make the most efficient use of my article writing time.

Kudos to all who work at, and the owners of ezArticleLink. You folks have my deepest gratitude.
Ed Rude
Without doubt the best value for money Link building and Article Syndication service there is.

This is not the place for those who want to spew out rubbish - the inbuilt quality control and human review systems ensure good information is distributed to quality sites.

On the very few occasions I have needed to contact support this was dealt with expeditiously and by Kenneth himself.

Allows me to build good quality back links with the minimum of effort.

Highly recommended.
Robin Darch
SEO takes work. If you are willing to do the work to produce good articles then ezArticleLink rocks.. It is the best product i have ever found but you have to do the hard work to craft quality articles. If you expect to get quality SEO results then you have to do the work and in that case, ezArticleLink is the best hands down.
Sy Richardson
Thousands of THANKS to Kenneth for introducing such great products to me. Its really WORKS!!

After following the long tail keyword method that recommended by Kenneth through the as well as the method listed out by Ezarticlelink, I managed to push my websites to Google 1st page.

I want to thanks Kenneth also for providing me great support in understanding how Ezarticlelink works.

This is really a great product!!
Bong Joon Siong
We have been using ezArticleLink with great success for all of our unique article writing and posting clients. The spinning team is quick and professional and our articles are quickly rank well organically in the majors. This system really works and is recommended by the entire niche website promotion staff!
Michael W Henton
I only joined up a few months ago and one big thing I have to say is the level of service, firstclass - Kenneth answers any queries quickly and fully which is reassuring. I know it is early days yet but I am pleased I joined, as I have seen one of my sites jump in the rankings quite considerably.
Joanne Spurr
Was amazed at how easy it was to add Standard Domains. I took my time with the first one, but the other four only took a few minutes.

Great instructional videos to help get me started.

I also like that I can use the Outsource Manager to distribute a workload to outsource article spinnners.
Joseph H.
ezArticleLInk is one of the best ways to get one-way quality links to your sites. It not only provides highly valued in-content links within unique content but is easily accomplished without having to sumit to loads of article directories. The tools make it easy to do it yourself or access inexpensive outsource help right on the site. And if you want loads and loads of unique contect for your sites the article directory you can put on your site is great!
We have used the system to generate over 12,500 links back to over 20 domains. These links have resulted in our web sites being indexed by Google quickly with several reaching first page status for highly competitive keyword phrases using only our ezArticleLink gold membership. We are extremely happy with our Gold Membership with ezArticleLink and recommend it to anyone looking to place a website high on a Google search.
Millard Hiner
I received more careful attention from Kenneth Koh in setting up a directory that I needed to set up than I felt was reasonable to expect almost. He was courteous and very helpful - much appreciated if you're technically challenged.
My online earnings began when I started using ezarticlelink regularly. I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for good quality diverse links.
Shaun Baird
The easiest way to submit relevant articles for search.
I am having a Classified site and My site ranked around 80th possition in Goggle ranking for Keyword "Free Classified sites", but after submitting 3 articles I noticed a sudden improvement in my Rank to 20 - 25th position.. Cool!! I am really impressed of your service...

I am very fortunate that I got the whole system for FREE!!
Service is as advertised and then some. I highly recommend it. I've seen some great results, and I'm confident I will continue to see the same thing as I expand my online empire. Bang for the buck is through the roof. As much as I'd like to keep it all a secret for myself, I know it's too good to not share. My advice is Run, Don't Walk, to the order form!
Conrad Dubois
Just got to say this:The ezArticleLink system is BY FAR the best linking network I've joined to date. What you get in terms of value and effectiveness, ezArticleLink is a "No Brainer "and one the best way to promote yourself, product, or what ever your doing online. EzArticle link System has it all for you...

Worth trying...!
I must say, ezArticleLink has become an absolute staple in my SEO efforts, for both my personal sites, as well as my customers. When it comes to effective link building, you don't get much better then ezArticleLink, setup your articles, and watch the links add up as it trickles it out to their enormous network.

I have ranked many sites number 1 on the popular search engines using JUST ezArticleLink. An incredible feat that I doubt the competition can claim.
Mark Booth
This is the second program I have been associated with from Kenneth. I am very happy with both programs. EzArticleLink allows me to promote my own article directory, build backlinks and publish unique articles across the high quality network.

I have been a long term member of Ken's programs and I know first hand the level of support and the professionalism of the guy.

EzArticleLink will help your business exposure, it will get more visitors to your site when you use it to your advantage . In short it is another brilliant system from Kenneth Koh.

Highly recommended!
I would just like to say that ezArticleLink are the best program around. I have tried pretty much all the rest, but none come close to their ease of use and quick response time. If you are an author or blogger who just wants some great content then you should look no further than ezArticleLink. Thanks and keep up the fantastic work.
Paul Lowe
Seems like this service is incredible ! I have only posted one article to the system and I have already improved my ranking, even for pages that is not getting backlinks from the article !!!! From position 7 to 5 in Google. That page has been a seven for many, many months !!! I only have 13 articles on that site but now have 39 pages indexed in google !!! The page that is getting backlinks from article in system has gone from number 22 to number 12 in google.....!! :) Just wanted to let you know. You are a genius ! :)
Mikael Jaderberg
The only thing i can say about ezArticleLink is incredible! Well as an online business owner I tend to create a lot of mini niche sites all the day and I find it a bit difficult to build quality backlinks to all of them! ezArticleLink allows me to manage all my sites in a single place and build quality backlinks to each of my sites! it is really worth the 29$!
Aymen Ben Rebah
Our Home Spa Products Shop has benefited from the link services and very responsive Customer Care. Google Search does index and rank the links due to the unique Spinning Service. This has helped enhance our Page Rank.
Kimberley Matheson Shedrick
I am feeling lucky to grab lifetime offer of ezArticleLink. Now this network is mine main weapon when I want to start any of SEO campaign.

In house spinning service is excellent and affordable. Support from Kenneth is excellent. He always replies within 24 hrs.

I am very much thankful to him to help me get excellent rankings for so many keywords.
As a long time member (actually do not remember how long) I have to give my highest respect to Kenneth. He never overloaded my mailbox like many marketers do today. His programs, to say it simple, work.
Finding this site makes me feel like online marketing finally makes sense. After listening to a top guru on a webinar say that article marketing is the 2nd best way to get traffic (after listbuilding), this site makes it easy to do that compared to posting one article after another which is tedious.

Complete training on spinning and posting articles.
Jen Honickman
You know how sometimes in life you "get lucky". Well ezArticleLink was one of those times for me. I was fortunate enough to hear about it at the VERY beginning and I got my membership for a (low) one-time fee (sorry to all the monthly subscribers about rubbing it in - ha-ha!).

Because of that I probably don't use it as much as I should. Even at the monthly cost, it is one of those services that is well worth the cost. It is hard to find services that work as they should and produce results. ezArticleLink is one of those services.
David Ashenfelder
We have been using exArticleLink to drive the link building and article syndication of our seo campaigns for months and we could not be happier. When we first launched our website, we choose to go with a "professional" seo company to work on our rankings. As most people probably know, this was not the best option for us. Shortly after launch I took over the seo and ezArticleLink has made it so easy. Thanks for this great product and great support.
Jamie Fabel
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